The Ministry of Commerce and the ASEAN-Japan Center announce the opening of the seminarThe School "Benefits of Value Chain through Connectivity between Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME Linkages)" Contribute to the Human Resource Extension Program, which serves as the catalyst for ASEAN's export promotion strategy, especially for Cambodia, with a focus on providing knowledge and opportunities To enable micro and small enterprises in Cambodia to prepare their value chain in line with Japanese company and company standards. There are standards of some developed countries in the world on January 29, 2020 at the Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel.

Bun Chanthy, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Commerce, delivered the opening address, welcoming Masatake Fujita, Secretary-General of ASEAN-Japan Center and members of the delegation. In collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, this seminar was attended by expert speakers delivering useful presentations to participants. The event lasted for 3 days from 29-31 January 2020 with a total of 128 trainees.

Taking the opportunity, the undersecretary of state mentioned the development of Cambodia in which the Royal Government of Cambodia has continuously implemented the Rectangular Strategy. Fourth, to strengthen and promote economic growth between the two countries to compete in the global market competition that is undergoing the digital revolution 4.0 . Bilateral trade with Japan in 2018 totaled more than $ 1.588 million in 2011, with Cambodia exporting to Japan. Some potential items such as clothing, footwear, insulation and electrical equipment, etc.

He also added that according to the Council for the Development of Cambodia from 1994 to the first quarter of 2019, Japanese investment projects 137 projects worth a total of US $ 2.5 billion focusing on electrical and electronic components, automotive components and technical equipment Sithi Food processing, hotels, tourism, hospitals and supermarkets. In addition to the investment projects listed on the Council for the Development of Cambodia, there are also some 1,700 large Japanese business activities in the country. Sectors such as: Banking, Aviation and Restaurant, etc. ៕ By: Wisdom