Kandal: While farmers throughout Kandal province can supply all kinds of vegetables To 150 tons of market in Phnom Penh, Agriculture Minister asked Kandal Provincial Agriculture Department to study feasibility study In order to ensure supply and quality, it should also improve the packaging and branding techniques and in particular promote the service delivery. Loans in their communities to reduce the risk of private loan with a high interest.

On Friday, April 3, 2020, HE Veng Sakhon, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, was accompanied by HE Kong Sophorn, Governor of the Board of Governors. Kandal Provincial Officials and Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Inspect the Activity and Progress of Chain Safety Contract collection) in Sa'ang district to exploit the strengths, weaknesses and challenges facing manufacturers, as well as dealers or collectors Experience and introduce a timely, effective and systematic mechanism for harmonization between producers and buyers. Productivity Vegetables, quality, safety, continuity of supply and price stability, of course, is to ensure public health.

HE Governor, Provincial Governor, and associates visited the Borey Krom Village, Orchek Village and Por Peang Village in Svay Commune Salang District is as follows: 1st: Vegetable cultivation and harvesting according to your “Good Farm Practices, Good Agriculture Practises, GAP” Srey Chheng Srey Pov, sponsored by the project “Work Other media, new agricultural techniques resistant to climate change, called Aspire. " Secondly, growing vegetables in the net of Uncle Khut Kim Ang, a member of the Safe Vegetable Business Group, in Baran Lower Village, Svay Krom Commune . Thirdly, the organic and agricultural products of the members of the vegetable business community. 4) the acquisition of NAV vegetables by Trina Rath and Theng Srey Kouch, who are members of the business community PGS. Fifthly, inspect the vegetable business fair and the place to sell agricultural produce. Sixth: the inspection of the Hope Farm Community Office, and 7- the harvesting of vegetables by members of the farming community and the purchase of vegetables. As per EAC contract.

After reviewing all seven points of the above program, HE Minister found many positives which It shows and indicates that the vegetable production sector has made significant progress, and this has certainly contributed to the implementation of agricultural development policies and plans ( Ministry of Agriculture, Exploration Hunting and fishing and the Royal Government's fourth phase rectangular strategy. Key points include: 1. Farmers clearly understand what organic and safe vegetables are and what they can produce. Adopting modern agricultural technologies such as home-grown vegetables, netting, irrigation, and use of proper fertilizers and techniques Natural fertilizers and pesticides. 3. Implementation of the principle of 'good agricultural practices (GAP)'. 4. Organizing, selling, distributing agricultural inputs and establishing vegetable communities. 5. Implemented contract farming. 6. The health of producers, families, and customers is constantly improving. 7. Increasing household income. 8. Enjoy daily life, have a happy and especially happy family and support the leadership of the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Prime Minister Hun Sen is the Prime Minister.

Seeing that Sa'ang district has been redefined as the standard of living has been improved, agricultural techniques have been adopted by farmers, HE and the Governor. Appreciate the accomplishments our farmers now enjoy – crops, income, gatherings and family happiness – and all this is the will and purpose The government of the Prime Minister, who wants the Prime Minister, wants to see our people live happier lives, live in families, and have a good time. Happiness.

The Minister stressed that all these achievements are due to the hard work of our own donors, donors and project implementers. The focus is on proper technology and of course, because of our peaceful, social, economic and political stability It is easy for people to live in harmony with farming, farming, fish and other crops for their sustainable development. In the family.

Therefore, the Minister requested that more people work on the farming, increase their production, ensure quality and improve their packaging capacity. To compete with market needs and preferences, consumers increase household income and reduce poverty, and in particular Reducing imports.

The Minister advised the Department to assist in the technical training and the General Department should bring new projects to the area. On the use of nets and vegetable irrigation systems, the implementation of GAP, contract farming practices, enhances customer trust through quality and The safety of the product. In addition, the department should study the feasibility of establishing additional vegetable assemblies to ensure supply and quality and should also improve packaging and labeling techniques. Clearly identify and, in particular, promote the development of its community-based credit services to reduce the risk of high-interest private loans.

In response to the request of the communities concerned to collect water, ponds, water, transportation, electricity, pumping, the Minister asked the General Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and The fishery learned about the feasibility study and requested that the Governor would cooperate fully. Currently, Kandal province can supply all kinds of vegetables to the market in Phnom Penh.