Phnom Penh: The Department of Commerce of Camcontrol cooperates with food organizationsUnited Nations Agriculture and Agriculture, sponsored by the Government of Japan, organized a national workshop on "Promoting Integration Effective Codic Works in Cambodia ”, chaired by Pann Soaks, Minister of Commerce and Chairman of the Committee of the Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Commerce facilitates monitoring National Security, Products and Services, and the National Code Committee and will be accompanied by representatives from relevant government-related public and private sectors. 40 environmental, business and industrial people.

On the occasion of the opening of the seminar on the morning of February 18, 2020, Mr. Pan Sysak said that this national workshop would increase the capacity of officials In-depth engagement of the National Code of Conduct in order to promote active and effective access to Cambodia During the development process Economies, standards of quality and food safety. The core value of the codecs is to establish standards on the basis of science and to use them based on a sound philosophy. Currently, collaboration, consensus and transparency. At the same time, the Royal Government of Cambodia also has a strategic goal of increasing productivity and economic efficiency, promoting excellence and fostering innovation in which Continuing to promote the standardization of goods, services, and management of personal pride is a priority policy.

Mr. Pan Sysak said that Cambodia has actively participated in the Codec program by creating a number of contacts. National Codex Contact Point to establish a liaison with the Code Secretariat to receive and distribute information or codecs to institutions Cambodian and Cambodian stakeholders, as well as referrals Be Cambodia to attend the meeting to discuss the opportunities and important committee a number of codecs. However, Cambodia's participation in the codecs remains limited both in the national code and in the international code. The nation needs to be strengthened to ensure effective knowledge and participation in both management and scientific technology. Pudding. The link between trade and food safety can be clarified in the agreement on sanitation measures. And the World Health Organization (SPS) Sanitary Worm (SPS). This agreement ensures that the food security requirements are based on scientific grounds and in accordance with the intended use. . Accordingly, the CODE standard is well known by the SPS Agreement, and it is relevant for food-related disciplines. Agree with the World Trade Organization on trade technology barriers. Therefore, the development of international food safety standards or codec as well as international animal health and animal health standards Sanitary and phytosanitary agreement (SPS) is necessary for the gain of commercial benefits. Food and to avoid potential risks to human health And plants.

The Minister believes that the three-day workshop, from February 18 to 20, will provide sharing of knowledge. Efforts and experiences from various speakers and panelists to discuss issues and mechanisms to address issues in the national code for the purpose Encourage Cambodian engagement to be effective The high in the area of ​​standards development, food meal. International: Flamingo