Phnom Penh: Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen has reacted strongly to opposition activists who say that Kratie Kratie is slapping him over the issue of masks. The CPP knows nothing about it, but CPP leaders are united to make it happen People live comfortably.

At the closing of the 2019 Labor Control Conference and the 2020 Ministry of Interior's Inauguration Day, Prime Minister Hun Sen said: "Until now, no one has been infected (Kov 19). "And fear of rising prices, we distribute 1 million pounds in Poipet to the point of scarcity. And those who wear masks wear them to prevent diseases."

The prince continued "It was Kheng's (Sam Kheng's) voice. You were playing the sound of Kheng you introduced in the Ministry's room. The internal meeting of the Minister of Voice of Kheng's party playing to Kheng was slapping Hun Sen. Fear the White House, it is advised that if you do not know the CPP's motives, go to school. ”

The prince said that in the past, he did not forbid the civil servants of the government to be careful about their health. The prince uses the word "masks" when necessary.

The prince advised the Cambodian people to take the initiative, one person and one family, is this a way to protect the people? So you have to understand these issues.

Furthermore, he added that the issue of Kovir 19 had not been completed. He reminded that passengers on board the Cambodian ship recently had no coronavirus.
He thanked Thailand for claiming that there were no corona patients after they left Cambodia for Thailand for the flight. And the prince also thanks all his friends for their cooperation with WHO.

After a radio broadcast that Cambodia had a diplomatic dispute with Malachi over the issue of finding an 83-year-old American woman infected with the coronavirus after leaving Cambodia, Samdech Techo Hun Sen explained that these are not the only issues, Explains Malaysia only because Cambodia did not find coronavirus on American women suddenly found in Ma Lexi.

Where is the coronary disease on the woman? While her husband did not have the disease. In addition, Samdech Techo has aroused fears of Corona, saying that Cambodia masked the disease and there were a lot of deaths.

He questioned whether the government had the right to hide it. Does the government need to close? While the Royal Government is preparing every hospital to help with the disease, if the Cambodian people do not have the disease, the government in particular will not use the disease as a political capital.

He says the political goal of the government is humanitarian action.

By: Eng Boucheng