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Phnom Penh: Samdech Akka Kheng Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Calls for Stakeholders to Reduce Workers In each of these positions, because some officials know better where the retired person is than he is. Speaking at the celebration of International Women's Day March 8, 109th, 2020, under the theme "Peace, Promote Gender Equality March 11, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Interior.

Samdech said that all stakeholders should pay close attention to the development of women's human resources A lot to get ready for the position, according to their respective roles. He said: “To find people to be the Deputy Director of the Department, the Deputy Director General of the General Department of Ahne We must have Source, and we need to reduce the maximum to run for each position. Because some of our officers are very good at knowing who the pensioner is, since the date we know better than we do and then ask for a place. Because of where he retired.

The appointment of officers as governors, deputy governors, district governors and deputy governors of the law provided that the appointment of officers must be within the framework of the constitution. Experimental ability and age. In addition, the prince highly values ​​the officials who passed on to work with the people to ensure their safety, for the officers to serve Nation and citizens.

This must be respected by all, not just the Ministry of Interior, he said. So far, some officials who want to step up or take positions have run themselves and intervened as Your son, rich son, etc., ask for your help. He said that for Samdech, he appreciated the officials who were with the people, but also some officials. No experience is possible. “For me he values ​​the officer very much because when we appoint him, he can know about his difficult life,” he said. Citizens. Well, we value that, not wrong, but not all, sometimes with our officials. ”