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Phnom Penh: Prince Bank, Cambodia's newest bank from micro-finance, announced Priority Banking offers a new banking service to its customers. .

Speaking at a press conference in the morning of March 5, 2020, at the Head Office of Prudential Bank, Mr. HUN SEANG, CEO Printer said customers using the new bank's service will benefit as much as possible. High interest rates on margin deposits Saving at a bank.

He added that through the new banking services of the bank, it will be able to absorb the large number of customers in the bank More NSAGs can achieve the goals as well as the Bank's plans in 2020 and beyond. Also. He said that by 2020, the Bank would continue to provide loans to its customers even if Cambodia were to The World Crisis With Corruption 19 However, the Bank will have to learn more with its customers where it originated What kind of return can cover the repayment.

He added that for Priority Banking, a new service of Printer Bank, it is not just financial services but customers Using this service will get new ideas with the advice of a professional bank staff as well Encourage our customers to grow with our bank.

At the first step, Prudential's priority banking services will be focused on the central office and then the bank, he said. Expanding the service to all other branches of the Bank across the country so that its customers can have the opportunity To use this new bank service.

He also pointed out that for 2020, Banking services are still functioning, with loans rising. With the increase in deposits, the Bank will also come up with some strategies for coping with the problem The challenges that will come in 2020, especially from COR 19. (Edited by: Bopha)