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More than two weeks ago, the Center of Correctional Center “M1”, or the Prey Veng Prison, reported. White, one of the country's largest detainees, has temporarily suspended the need for suspects. There, the reason is that the Prey Sar (M1) prison also contains prisoners Suspects for up to 10,000, according to officials serving in prison «1», said. About 10,000 inmates and suspects are mostly guilty and not guilty of drugs, and people who use drugs are really struggling. Very controlling.

Suspect Suspended in Prey Sar "Prison 1" Has Not Been Released The official of the prison manager, however, is the only one that has been informed by law enforcement officers from all departments. Phnom Penh Police, Ministry of Interior, Royal Gendarmerie Khan, the suspects were taken to court and the court decided to detain imprisoned temporarily.

Prison officials, of course, said there were indeed no more than 40 suspects in custody a day Wearing taxes, drugs, burglary, robbery, violence, rape, etc. Therefore, the number has made Prey Sar prison, the "M1" Correctional Center, overcrowded This is no longer acceptable.

The source said that after the M1 prison had decided to suspend the detention, the suspect was suspicious. If the authorities arrest a large number of suspects each day then where to put them 0x017d7 It is also from law enforcement officials that the “M1” prison is not over yet The Tuol Sleng Prison is still accepted by the Phnom Penh Municipal Police, because the prison has just been transferred from the city center It is also adjacent to the “M1” Correctional Facility.

The Peso prison just has hundreds of thousands of inmates and suspects, so avoid overcrowding and lack of judicial oversight Over the past two weeks, the suspects have been detained in the Peso prison. At the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, the end of 2019 to date, all national police units and military police. Charged with crimes and roles in criminal possession of a suspect in possession of a 40 year old drug and robbery suspect Well, that's the reason for the prison Exhilaration '1' can not accommodate any more. (Editing by: Thida)