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The US is heading for the November presidential election. Prior to the outbreak of Kov 19, Mr. Trump was popular among Americans by the propaganda Makre America Great Again, which means the American Redeemer.

Now, just seven months into the election, the United States faces the biggest crisis ever, with no enemies Ivory 19, which is infecting more than 245,000 Americans and killing more than 6,000.

The United States is now the most severely hit country in the world with the virus D 19 more than 1 million people.

Mr. Trump admits that two weeks in April will be a very painful time for America That means more Americans will die from the disease.

The message should come as a surprise, as experts warn about 100,000 to 200,000 Americans. Death could be caused by the Kov 19 virus if the anti-retroviral measures were not effective enough to push the situation forward That's fine. Mr. Trump himself said, "If America can prevent 100,000 to 200,000 deaths. "It means America is doing well."

The figure of 100,000 to 200,000 is extremely large, with the death toll currently being estimated at over 53,000 cases.

But Kiev 19 will not only kill more people in the world, it will shake the world economy and fall . The World Health Organization considers it to be the most severe crisis ever since World War II.

Thus, Kov 19 would also have a major impact on the various branches of the US economy It's hard to believe that Trump can make America great again in front of a Chinese power that Increasingly influential in the world due to economic growth, and finally, decisive The Chinese fight only took about three months to overcome the Kuwaiti 19.

Mr. Trump has previously had the impression that he did not perform well and was effective against the Kov 19. He used to underestimate the status of the spread of the virus.

More than a month ago, on Feb. 26, Mr. Trump said there was a risk of HIV infection for the 19 people America is still low.

When he said that, the United States had only 53 cases of the virus. According to the World Health Organization. But just over a month later, America had more than 250,000 people infected with the virus A far cry from when Trump spoke in late February.

Mr. Trump evaluates the situation completely.

In light of the plight of the HIV epidemic in the United States, Mr. Trump is also blamed The slow and ineffective measures are enough to prevent the spread of HIV-1.

He has taken steps to prevent the importation of exogenous Kovirus 19 by deciding to ban ethnic entry China, Iran, South Korea and Italy. That decision is thought to help give the United States enough time to take other steps to curb the spread of the virus. The 19th Kov United States.

However, due to the slowness and lack of the 19 kovirus test kits in the US CCHR has made the spread of the Kovirus 19 in the world super fast.

This is the story of the Trump administration's wrongdoing in resolving the Kuwaiti 19 issue and so on Blame it for making the state of the World's 19avirus infections the worst it has ever been There is.

With about seven months left in the US election, the situation has spread 19 In America, things will get worse, as Trump predicts the painful times that American citizens must face Faced with two weeks in April.

It is thought that the issue of Kov 19 would be a major issue in the American election .

Independent political strategist Reed Galen was quoted by Time magazine as saying. "If Trump fails and his government does not have a solution to this problem and does not show its ability, it will," he said There was a failure in the November election. "

This suggests that the United States has already mentioned the impact of Kov 19 on politics, not just the cause Impacting health, economic and social issues worldwide.

What's happening in America is an experience for politicians in the world to be wary of Solving Problems 19 It must be done quickly and effectively to prevent Kov 19 from killing people, destroying their health and living The people of each country.

Any failure by a politician could affect elections in a country. (Edited by: Bopha)