The dispute between the villagers and Preap Sovath came to an end and he agreed to comply with all the requests of the villagers. Coordinated by Mr. Chhay Veasna, Director of Sen Sok Administration School for 1 hour at Preap Sovath's house at 10 am this morning. March 6, 2020).

However, face-to-face meetings have addressed these issues, including allegations that Preap Sovath made a fence on the sidewalk Found guilty, the people also apologized to Preap Sovath after he understood his explanation.

With the acknowledgment of the guilt of the people, Preap Sovath, who had just experienced this first time in his life and shed tears, requested Citizens, the future, before provoking others should ask each other, because they are all fence residents and important to Only village authorities, commune authorities, and authorities are good To avoid it happening, people have been insulted, humiliated, and finally mistaken and raised an apology. They are very difficult to accept. By: Hong Hong

Video Source: (FBTV news)