After the villagers' protest, Preap Sovath accepted his requestResidents moving temporary land on public roads, temporarily blocking back yard plots and revising parking on public roads Improves neighbor traffic and adjusts car audio.

According to Sen Sok district administration, Sen Sok district's pledge to respond to journalists and residents that he will Resolved After Preap Sovath Returned From The Province When People Protest With Preap Sovath Others and parking on the market Located in Chas Village, Kokkrang Commune, Sen Sok District, Phnom Penh, on the morning of March 6, 2020, the Governor appointed Mr. Chhay Veasna, District Administration Director. Sen Sok leads the team in coordination with both parties.

As a result of the mediation, Preap Sovath said he had no intention of encroaching on public land by his home. Then he will respond to the following requests from the people:

Only agreed to relocate the materials from public land on the back of the fence, which he temporarily placed. He also agreed to adjust the parking lot on public roads to prevent neighbors' entry and to adjust the sound of the car on the night he was driving. Return from singing. Workers will cut down every tree that fell to their neighbors' property.

The protesting people agreed to accept Preap Sovath's pledge because of these issues, they did not discuss it first, then representatives People have publicly apologized to Preap Sovath.

In response to the people following the mediation, the Sen Sok district administration will set up a bulldozer on a public road to help. Facilitate the travel of the people.

It should be noted that one resident in Chhmar village, Kokkhnang commune, Sen Sok district, Phnom Penh, was distraught over this concern. Months ago, Cambodian pop star Preap Sovath hacked his way into the village, building a stone fence around his plots and behind. Preap Sovath He allowed the carpenters to set up roadblocks, put them in their furniture, and cut the roads of the whole village. Not all the way to the house, but his house was about 50 meters away from the lot when he and his children were home in a car. 4 to 5 vehicles parked on the road only for a short distance Parking blockade.

According to a sister who lives in front of Preap Sovath's house, she found it difficult to get a car to drive. There was no way to bring the car into the house because Preap Sovath's family had put the car in front of his house to get his stamp. He asked for this, but it was useless to him Making money every month to rent a house, they put his car in. Another sister said the tree was in his house The security pigeon dropped a leaf into his house, which was next to the fence, and he requested Mr. Pheaktra to cut off any branches. Who came to his house to cut the leaves.

Villagers said that Preap Sovath's family car had a loud noise, especially at dusk, disrupting noise. Surprised, everyone should be animals.

Therefore, they asked the local authorities to help solve the problem with 4 points:
1- Keep the size of the road according to the prescribed land document 2-Stop the roadblock 3-Stop the roadblock 4 There were loud loudspeakers. By: Kolab