Sihanouk: The Governor of Preah Sihanouk province has been preparing for a regional development projectOtres Beach 2, operated by Otres Manchman, is 1,746 meters long and our sea does not allow Put a table or mat on the beach for no money, making our beaches a public space for all of us.

On the afternoon of May 25, 2020, HE Kouch Chamroeun, Governor of Preah Sihanouk Province, presides over a public beach design meeting on Otres 2 beach. The Otres 2 coastal development project and implemented by Otres Manchman Company has a length of 1,746 meters, including: parking lot, chocolates, parking Car, garden renovations and tree planting, pedestrian chocolate floors, seating upgrades, new bathrooms, prep Offshore sports facilities, natural gyms, children's playground and international standard mobile cars.

HE Mr. Kouch Chamroeun advised the project developer to continue the coast study from Sihanoukville Autonomous Port to the end of Madam Mao Beach. 15 km to improve our beaches as a public beach resort.

The governor added that our beaches do not allow the setting up of tables or mats on the beach for money. Our beaches are public beaches for us, but we must take care of the beauty of the beach. In a container prepared by the provincial government in the coastal area.

It should be highlighted that Sihanoukville has a total of 13,500 meters of coastline for welcoming national and international tourists, including the 900m long Chrey Chrey Beach. Snake Island 800 meters, 1,000 meters Independence Beach, Sokha Beach 1,200 meters, Ochheuteal Beach 3,200 meters, Otres Beach 3,700 meters Meters, Madam Mao beach 2,700 meters.

By: Kolab