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Kandal province: A shooting at Oknha Tia police officer shot and killed his brother-in-law Then escape.

The shooting occurred at 18:30 pm on April 15, 2020 at Chong Island Village, Koh Oknha Tey Commune, Khsach Kandal District, Kandal Province. .

Kandal provincial police chief Brigadier Chhoeun Sopheak said the victim was Mao Bun Heng, a 25-year-old Cambodian national. Vendor is located in the village of Koh Oknha Tey.

The gunman, identified as Sen Runran, is a 35-year-old male, a Cambodian, a police officer, a police officer in Bakheng district. Residents of the village, commune, and village were the victim's brother-in-law.

According to witnesses at the scene, the suspect had previously argued with his wife, Kong Sok, at the time. Suspect took his unidentified pistol to his wife, and the victim came out and said he needed to carry his gun. What? Only then did the suspect shot at the victim, causing his throat to be shot at the scene. After the shooting, the suspect
Neighbors took the motorbike, Phal, away, leaving a pistol and a shotgun at the scene.

After the incident, Brigadier General Chhoeun Sopheak, the Kandal Provincial Police Chief, led the cross-border forces overnight to inspect the site. Incidentally, too. In this case, the provincial police chief's office, the provincial criminal office, and the provincial technical bureau conducted a search for the perpetrators of the crime.