Many Khmer people, especially social network users No doubt, it is well known to a popular Korean woman who posts videos on Youtube with action About living in Cambodia and Korea, sharing both skin care and cooking methods.

The smiling and friendly Korean lady also confirmed to the Cambodian people that Cambodia is the country. 2 who gave her life for rebirth, for it is unknown why the land of Cambodia had made her sick The top Korean doctors have been unable to heal so far. She has been living in Cambodia since 2013, and today she is ready to go anywhere as a Cambodian. Also common.

However, on June 6, 2020, a Korean woman is found guilty of theft by a 2019 Scoopy. Near Calmette Hospital, which so far has not been seen.

A Korean woman wrote: “Hi, my sister, I am a Korean girl today. Having lost the Scoopy 2019 license plate, Kampong Thom 1M-7593 at around 7am, disappeared from the Calmette Hospital if it was found Which. Please contact my pc. Phone: 015 422 586/010 940 121 Please help Lach and Serr share » ៕

By: Hong Hong