Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Sen Sok district police will send fake dollar case to Phnom Penh City Hall on Monday with four female suspects After being detained in a scratching house in Anlong Kna Village, Sangkat Khmum, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, 29 May.

“All four of them have been sent to court by law enforcement,” Hour Meng Wang, a police inspector in Sen Sok district, said yesterday. Today (May 31) for the law to proceed, "he said.

The first suspect – Tuy Srey Ya, 24 years old, and Srey Srey Ya, 29, his third – Nhim Mao, 38, a construction worker, and Neth Vanny, 24, are construction workers and they also own massage parlors. This too.

Nhanan, police chief of the Sen Sok district's commune office, said yesterday that the falsified dollar was before A man from Kompong Cham province went to the above scratch house. Meanwhile, a woman told the victim to change her clothes and that the change of clothing was ordered by a massage therapist The victim hangs up somewhere.

The victim was ordered to lie face down to hold air. While the victim was lying face down to be choked, the suspect pulled out a fake $ 100 note $ 1,400 in exchange for the dollar was exactly the same $ 100 note in the victim's pocket.

After the scrub was finished, the victim rose to wear a shirt and took out the money to cover the cost of the scrub. But when he took the money out of the pocket of his trousers, he felt that the money was thin and the money was over Unlike real money, the victim asked the masseuse if anyone had taken his money Those are not real money. But the suspects came to see and replied that they had not taken the money out of the victim's pocket.

Nainan said the victim had lodged a complaint at the Khmum commune police station and called four people for questioning at the post. The police. After questioning, they replied that they had actually committed the victim's money-swapping activities. According to the confession of the suspects, the cops were detained and sent to the Sen Sok district police department to take legal action.