Mondulkiri: Multinational police forces cracked down on crimeNatural resources are located at Puhumam village, Sen Monorom commune, Ou Reang district, Mondulkiri province, discovering two piles of wood. The 55 pieces of parachute were shipped overseas, but in reality, the arrests were not made. It seems that the timber traders were aware And fled away leaving only competent rosewood left coalition seized as evidence.

Mondulkiri Provincial Police on March 15, 2020 issued an official Facebook post confirming that On Saturday afternoon, March 14, 2020, at 13:30, Provincial Police Chief Lieutenant General Lok Sokha led the intervention force. Provincial Police Commissariat cooperated with the Ministry of Justice Ou Reang District Police Station, Provincial Forestry Police, Sangkat Forestry Administration, Ou Reang District Police and Provincial Gendarmerie Nature located at Pohimam village, Sen Monorom commune, Oreang district, Mondulkiri province, discovering two piles of 55 piles of wood. .

Currently, all of the above wood is being transported to the O'Rar district's Forestry Administration for further processing. Intelligence