Siem Reap: June 10, 2020 from 8:20 By 5:20 pm, the Fire Prevention and Relief Force teamed up with the Bakong District Administration and the Bakong District Police Inspectorate to organize Pump water in Bakong pagoda.

Brig. Gen. Pung Sambath, deputy commissioner of the Siem Reap Police Fire Prevention and Rescue Police Office, said that the fire truck was used. 6 units used for a total of 24 cars, including: Two provincial police fire trucks used six water tanks. 2. One fire truck at the Bakong district police station used water for eight vehicles. 3. 2 Provincial Gendarmerie fire trucks used seven water trucks and 4. One Apsara Authority fire truck uses three water trucks.

Soeung Plung, governor of Prasat Bakong district, said that under the auspices of the Siem Reap provincial governors, the working group was needed. Divided into three groups: the first group used six water fire trucks, including two from Siem Reap provincial police headquarters; Two Siem Reap Provincial Gendarmeries, a police officer at Prasat Bakong district and one Apsara Authority truck bring water to pump The first step was to save 18 cars. The second group, run by the Apsara Authority, is digging a well about 30 meters deep and preparing to pump. The third group, a group of handmade pond workers in the area, has the work of the Apsara Authority, district officials, and volunteers. The machinery could not work to prepare for the transfer of the remaining fish to the new site.

So Plato confirmed that on the morning of June 11, 2020, about 130 unification committees would be sent for additional Involved in helping the pond continue to grow.

Observation After we pumped water into the water, the rest of the fish started swimming, relocating us. Presumably, we still have plenty of opportunities for fish rescue. The fish dried up, causing more than 10 large fish to die, and the pagoda committee buried the larger fish. Some have been removed to other locations to save lives.
By: Kolab