Kandal Provincial Police: One person, 3 officers Kandal man injured, injured in traffic accident Prosecutor Attacks Kandal Provincial Court Of Intentional Violence and Intentional Damage at Prek Thmey Market in Prey Runun Village, Prek Custom Commune, Sa'ang District, Kandal Province 25th day January 2020.

According to Chika ordering the detention of Ros Chun Chan Nimol, the investigating judge of the Kandal Provincial Court, dated January 31, 2020, Name: Helina Calling Male, 31, Nationality Khmer, Khmer, Occupation, Police Officer, Bachelor Degree Place of Birth in Trapaing twin village, Chrey Thom commune, Romeas Hek district Svay Rieng Province And Pre-Arrested in Svay Chour Village, Koh Lal Commune, Sa'ang District, Kandal Province, father, Hen Sikun (deceased), his mother, Hong Narin (live) ) His wife, Leng One Heang, one of their children is a legal man.

According to the arrest warrant, the accused was placed under probation for intentional violence and Damage
The intentional loss was made at Prek Toek market in Prey Runn village, Prek Koy commune, Saang district, Kandal province
On January 25, 2020, criminal offenses are stipulated and punished in accordance with Article provisions
217 and Article 410 of the Penal Code.

The above-named accused directed the Kandal Provincial Prison Chief to receive and detain him in prison.

A car crash caused a dispute between a Kandal police officer and a man bleeding himself. January 25, 2020.

The man who hit the other side claimed to be a police officer at the Kandal provincial police station, striking a man in the head with a stunned policeman. In the S'ang district police inspector general.
The police who hit the other side of the road in the accident wore the name of the male police chief in Kandal province named Henna Gender in the incident. In the wake of the accident, a police officer who beat the other side was a citizen, seeking no legal solution but resorting to violence That Solution ៕ By : Intellectual