Battambang: After posting a photo of a girlThree seams of eyelash injuries caused by four boys beating Sampov Lun district police are preparing to submit case file to court Take action.

Sampov Loun district police chief Pich Sarin said this morning that four boys attacked a female student, causing injuries. After that, his authority decided to send the case to Battambang Provincial Court to proceed with legal procedure.

Inspector said that on January 22, 2020, an incident occurred at Friendship Secondary School, Srao Chhor Village, Serey Meanchey Commune, Sampov Loun District. Battambang province was hit by four boys and girls who attacked a 13-year-old girl named Kylina.

He added that before the incident, a female student named Kylina teased with the four young boys as husband. But a male student banned Kylina from calling herself such a husband. Then there was a discussion, a student named Kylina kicked a male student for choking. One hit a female named Kylina, and a male student removed the scarf from her eyebrows, injuring her right eyebrow.

After the incident, the teacher finally settled the problem because the children were only 12-13 years old. But when the mediation failed, the victim also posted a message on Facebook to demand justice.

Sampov Lun district police called the four children: 1-year-old, male, 12-year-old, 2-year-old Touch Sophat, male, 12, 3 Nin Sambath Chet, 13 years old, 4-year-old Oun Saolly, questioned and prepared to file a case. But since the four boys were underage, the police only sent the case, and the four were competent The guardian is required to return the note.

The girl demanded R12 million from the four children, but due to the parents of the four young children working in Thailand The poor have a total of only 800,000 riel, but the victim is not