Middle: Kandal Provincial Police yesterday arrested a man who used a machete to stab his friend's wife and two friends' daughters. Seriously injured on January 5, 2021 at the village of Taeng, Phum Thom commune, Kien Svay district, because the angry woman complained to her husband Gather together to "drink."

According to the report of Kandal Provincial Police, the suspect, John Sovann Chantol, male, 29 years old, Khmer, occupation: construction worker, was born in the village. Por Mieu, Koki Thom commune, Kien Svay district.

The suspect is currently staying at a construction site in Sangkat Prek Eang, Khan Chbar Ampov, Phnom Penh. As for the three victims, 32-year-old Sok Chandy, the mother, was seriously injured and was being treated at a Russian hospital. Two children, 13-year-old Raksmey Sreyya and 8-year-old Raksmey Sochin, were also seriously injured and are being treated at Kantha Bopha Hospital. .

Authorities report that prior to the incident, the suspect had been drinking with the victim's husband, Phan Pheakdey, 38, a Cambodian national. After drinking alcohol and running out of meat, the victim's husband rode a motorcycle out of the house to buy wine and meat and saw such an opportunity. The suspect also cut on the victim. The reason is that while the suspect was drinking with her husband, the victim under the house complained and cursed her husband not to drink with her. . After the action, the suspect fled, along with exhibits.

Mr. Vong Se, Chief of Staff of Kien Svay District Police Inspectorate, said that after the arrest at the suspect's house, the police brought the suspect in for questioning. At the Kien Svay District Police Inspectorate. Police will send the suspect to Kandal Provincial Police today.

"The suspect used a machete to cut the woman and her two daughters, causing serious injuries," he said. . However, Mr. Vong Se did not specify how many knives were cut.

Pa Chanroeun, president of the Institute of Democracy of Cambodia, believes that the violence that continues to occur almost every day in society is due to Spiritual or moral development in society is still low.

He said that when people are not balanced in the spiritual development to keep up with the progress of society leads to an increase. Violence or immoral acts in society.

Mr. Chan Roeun stated: "It means that our people have received not only economic or material progress, but also mental development in Low yet. "That is why we often see violence in society, especially forms of violence, in some cases extreme atrocities."

According to Mr. Pa Chanroeun, in the Cambodian education system, at the general education level, there are subjects such as morality, civics, but the actual education, both in content and quality of Education is still limited. At the same time, institutions that are the foundation for the spiritual training of society, such as religious institutions, also have a declining value of obedience. Also.