The fort has a fort Police are investigating the disappearance of a woman who was acting as an assistant to the O'Brien commune clerk in O'Chrov district Arrested on the evening of March 13 as authorities put the initial suspicion that the girl's ex-girlfriend might be arrested Kidnapped as she was about to enter the wedding Another man.

Nong Samrong, the chief of the O'Brien Post, told the Post yesterday that the victim, named UNA, a 24-year-old orphan, now lives with her. The aunt, who lives in Prey Chan village, O'Prien commune, serves as an assistant to the O'Brien commune clerk. According to Sam Rainsy, after the arrest of the victim, O'Chrov district police and the O'Chrun police station police made an investigation. A suspect's home in Battambang's Sampov Loun district, known as the victim's ex-girlfriend

“People in the village have been saying that this is possible. But our authority did not dare to kill the victim because the victim has long loved him and we do not know you. Didn't catch that. "We are only collecting information and the suspect is Phan who lives in Sampoun but has not yet been found."

During the incident on March 13, the victim was riding a motorbike with a young girl, O'Brien commune chief Balt Sarin said yesterday. Leang Sokunthea, 10 years old, took lotion to O'Brien.

When he got home, two suspects, who were unidentified, drove a black Kamari, which he said was an unidentified vehicle. An unknown license plate called the motorcycle to stop for a chat.

“It is difficult to conclude that it was a case of kidnapping or chasing because of questioning with the suspects and The woman was the same size and grabbed the car, not sure how easy it was. Did you not know that he was up to them at the time?

According to the report of O'Chrov district police chief quoted by the National Police, the 10-year-old girl Leang Sokunthea, who is still in custody. "At that time, the woman said we did not know each other and a suspect got off the car," the scene states Grab the victim saying you hurt her "Then take the car and pull it out."

The former chief of O'Brien commune chief, Soung Moeun, said the victim was a gentle and beautiful person That's why there are so many lovers. He added that on October 21, 2019, the woman was engaged and ready to marry with 24-year-old Kun Sarak. In Nimit Village 1, Poipet City, Poipet City, which will be married on April 8th.

"This could be a case of jealousy or love not catching the victim and looking at it because the victim was Beautiful and much loved. You love her, not really because she's close to the wedding. ”

Kun Sarak, the victim's fiancée, told the Post that the two had been in trouble for a while. The slightest bit was just the woman's displeasure when he met his friends. “I was crying and just heard him disappear, so I got to his house. I loved him so much that I never said anything to him. We had a little brawl, morning brawl, usually since this year. I asked him to find him soon and he had nothing to do. ”