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Kov-19: Samdech Techo Hun Sen on June 7 reminded people to take part in the prevention of respiratory tract infection D-19 in Cambodia. Experts suggest that weddings, parties, or even dances need to be postponed due to the situation. The V-19 continues to threaten Cambodia and the world. This weekend, he said, there were some people traveling and having a meeting, Do not forget to wear an alcohol-based mask to protect yourself against uninfected KV-19.

Samdech Techo Hun Sen said on social media: “On weekends there may be brothers Some people travel to resorts that can accommodate large groups of people, and some families bring children for meals. At restaurants and trekking in supermarkets, big and small. In restaurants, hospitals, especially hospitals, must have masks and alcohol or gels used properly and to prevent infection. ».

On June 7, the Ministry of Health announced the discovery of a new positive case in Cambodia that made the number The number of people with corbovirus-19 rose to 126, but only three were in remission, 123 recovered. Both health officials have warned of a second wave of violence if people do not pay attention to preventive measures Wear a mask that does not go out of the house, or if you need to wash your hands often.

The prime minister reminded the people: "Don't be negligent or make fun of our country. Are at risk of serious accidents. The deadly Kov-19 virus is spreading across the world where there is no cure. Therefore, everyone must be careful about protecting their health, ”he said. Meanwhile, the Cambodian Communicable Disease Control Department has urged people to remain vigilant, keeping regular hygiene apart. And should not go out of the house if not necessary. "Our neighbors and the world are continuing the epidemic of cholera," said the department with Lee Sovan as chairman. -19 Strong yet. "We need to continue to practice social disparities, such as deferring weddings, parties, dumping balloons." By: Hi