Phnom Penh: PM Hun Sen Asks Citizens, Especially Government Institutions to Save on Electricity and Clean Water to Reduce Costs The national budget will be diverted to the necessary areas for targeted purposes.

Mr. Hun Sen made the remarks on February 1 as he opened the groundbreaking ceremony for the Bak Kheng water treatment plant and the inauguration ceremony. Officially launched Chamkarmon Water Treatment Plant. He said that water consumption in Phnom Penh is in short supply due to the rapid increase in population.

The Prime Minister suggested that both citizens and government institutions should use electricity and clean water sparingly to ensure adequate energy consumption.

He said: "We should save on the use of electricity, water, do not waste, not only the family, especially government institutions. But be careful about the use of electricity. Now some ministries, such as the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Public Works, and perhaps the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation under construction, may also use solar to Reduce power consumption.

"But in order to reduce electricity consumption, the most important thing is not to turn on the air conditioner too cold, now Kovid is still with the elements," Hun Sen said. "Be cold, be careful, and when you leave work, turn off the air conditioner, turn off the electricity, they make the country rich, they are good at saving, they do not waste."

The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Sun Chanthol, once said that the new office building of the Ministry of Public Works and the "Techo Sen Institute of Public Works and Transport" recently. Launched recently, built with "solar" power. He said that the installation of "solar" power makes the Ministry profit of electricity per day more than $ 1,000, a profit of $ 30,000. 1 month

Hok Meng Hean, head of the Environment and Agriculture Program of the NGO-Forum on Cambodia, told the Post that if all parties participated, Leaders' call for energy savings in both water and electricity not only contributes to economic savings but also helps To the environment of climate change as well.

"Today, from year to year, regardless of Cambodia, the whole world is increasing the demand and equipment of "The use of electricity affects the biodiversity of the environment, such as emissions." He thinks that this contribution is not just a government institution, the general public must have the knowledge to use electricity economically as it Can contribute directly to the economy and indirectly to climate change mitigation.

He urged the government to invest in electricity or renewable energy locally, as Cambodia has a lot of potential to generate electricity to Reduce the import of electricity from neighboring countries, which makes the cost more expensive.

Currently, the state favors the poor to use clean water, with families using no more than 7 cubic meters of water is charged only 400 Riel per cubic meter and the price will gradually increase for more consumers and those who use 501 cubic meters or more are The price is 2,400 riels per cubic meter.

The Prime Minister stated: "Customers are ministries, institutions, units and embassies do not limit the amount is the most expensive 2,500 riel because ministries use money. The state and pay back to the state, so a little expensive, so we have to save.

Net Pheaktra, spokesman for the Ministry of Environment, expressed support for the Prime Minister's call as Cambodia moves forward with its emerging system. In turn, to reduce the use of electricity, which causes the impact of natural pressure.

"In terms of renewable energy, Cambodia has made great strides in the region by using about 10 percent of the total energy used in solar energy," he said. "Across the country."

Chamkar Mon Water Treatment Plant, which was inaugurated on February 1, 2021, has a capacity of 52,000 cubic meters in In the past, only 12,000 cubic meters of clean water could be produced per day, while the construction project of Bak Kheng water treatment plant has The capacity to produce clean water is about 400,000 cubic meters per day, which will be launched in the first quarter of 2024.