Sihanoukville: There is a case of video sharing of a woman being shotHe was confirmed to have contracted the Corona Virus and died in Kompong Som.

In the case of her sister, she was not infected with Coronary virus, because she had a deficiency of sugar and so far she has Good health is normal.

Please do not take part in spreading false information which is harmful to social order.

Preah Sihanouk provincial governor Kuoch Chamroeun said:
In case her sister wasn't infected with the new coronavirus, she was suffering from sugar deficiency and is now suffering from a sister-in-law. Good health is normal.
Whoever distributes and dissents the facts, please correct and ask that the professional body take care of and take action on any negative social media .

The sister's interpretive expression
You have high blood sugar and lack of sugar, which leads to poor health, not new coronavirus. Therefore, please let the public know and stop distributing the video. At the same time, we ask the competent body to take immediate action against anyone who distributes false information, causing insecurity and social unrest. Suitable