PHNOM PENH: The Commander-in-Chief of the National Police, Gen. Neth Savoeun, is the deputy police chief And Chairman of the Second Subcommittee of the National Committee for Road Safety (CE) led the DAC planning meeting Response to the implementation of the Road Traffic Law 2020 at the Ministry of Interior. The meeting was attended by the Ministries and Departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The Capital and Provinces and other relevant officials were in the afternoon of 6 February 2020.

Gen. Nath Savoeun said that today's meeting was the sole aim of reducing traffic accidents, honoring their dignity. Start from the road trip and hope that by 2020 we will successfully reduce the number of accidents and reduce the risk of accidents. You don't want to cut us off Need commitment and participation of all the infrastructure in the promotion of safety traffic route.

To carry out road safety work direction 2020 and the proclamation of the National Committee for Road Traffic Safety (CE) 20, 20 20 a year of successfully enforcing the Land Traffic Law 2 Lt. Gen. Neth Savoeun presents Topics include: 1) optimizing the implementation of the Road Accident Reduction Program to minimize the risk of accidents; and Victims of traffic accidents. 2. Better control of the road traffic control system to prevent congestion affecting traffic flow. Tourism and the loss of personal and social benefits. To further promote the spirit of participation in road traffic law enforcement by road users. Indeed, to improve the quality of the solution to the challenges of implementing the Road Traffic Law. 5. Strengthening the means, tools, equipment and equipment to operate adequately. 6. Praise officers for their skillful work and to take serious measures against officials who are in the wrong situation in serious cases. The law of the law.

Gen. Nath Savoeun also issued a 9-point request to the Capital and Provincial Safety Committee for 2020 to implement: 1 – Strengthening the leadership role, enforcing strict traffic rules. 2. Review and introduce measures to improve public order. 3- Take measures to control the roads and sidewalks. 4. Development of infrastructure (drainage road, traffic signs). 5- To disseminate law enforcement officials to the general public to more fully understand the Law on Road Traffic The Moon. 6 – Provincial Governor and Provincial Governor shall review for each province's tourism authorities and their commissioners. The Provincial Departments appoint regular officers for 24 hours over 24 hours at the Commissariat and with the provincial administration. 7. Encourage the implementation of rules and regulations for officials. 8. Reporting by appointment (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) to the second sub-committee through the Department of Tourism. And public order as a public forum. 9. Organize the meeting for the designated time period.

He also asked the public to improve the management of the driver's school (police cooperating with the public) and the repair shop. Designing a Vehicle (Unlawful) If Strict Settlements Set Up a Court to the Court If Legal Requirements Reviewed End), enhancing the quality, quality of vehicle inspection. In addition, the Commissioner of Capital and Provincial Affairs shall be appointed to the Sub-Committee on Road Safety and Provincial Roads. Legal officials, law enforcement, and behavior are all on the streets. For the training of the year 2020, the training of tourism and the way of teaching is to teach the Administration Channel. ៕ By: Columbus