Sadly, the farmer grew the vegetable without any chemicals and there was no market for sale. He finally decided to sell it cheaply at 1 kg, from 300 to 500 riels.

According to a Facebook account, Thun Meng Heang, posted a picture and wrote that 50 tonnes of cabbage were not sold, now only selling 300 to 500 riel (US $ 3,50). Prek Luong, Ek Phnom Phnom District, Battambang Province.

At less than half the market price, the owner of the farm sells the extract to buy more money, but he appeals to the people, the market, the business, the food and the hotel, to support and support his natural vegetable products.

If you are interested in purchasing his cabbage please call this number: 088 635 33 40. Article: Popular