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PHNOM PENH – The Press and Quick Reaction Team of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Office has completely and completely denied the Facebook account, "Imperial". Mass Effect »which made a completely different version of reality in an attempt to discredit the authority and relevant institutions Some.

News and reaction groups have confirmed that unlike Facebook, Emperor Maharashtra has announced that law enforcement is catching users. But buyers don't catch sellers.

In particular, Facebook's emergence of the emperor was due to the arrest of a journalist named "Tiger". With a bag of drug evidence in the bag, the journalist admitted to using the child to buy Yes, the police arrested them for their enforcement Legal way.

If the person continues to make derogatory remarks to the Ministry of Interior, the relevant authority without any further fact, the competence of the Police Commissioner Phnom Penh will take legal action.

The Press and Quick Reaction Teams of the Phnom Penh Police Commissariat showcased the many efforts of the Police Commissariat. In a crackdown on both major distribution sites, many traders were sent to court as well as to capture consumers Many drugs Also. While the Phnom Penh Police Chief's Anti-Narcotics Task Force as well as the 14th District Police Inspectorate are always working On a regular basis, night or day, cracking down on many drug and drug trafficking cases in 2019, as well as cracking down Most cases by the early 2020s Administered and cracked down on many people involved in the use and trafficking of drugs At most major clubs and in many districts.