Phnom Penh: Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng orders local authorities to take action against landlords violating Drainage 5 and dismantling That, in turn, avoids legal action as the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration plans to set up a commission to deal with the issue.

The order was issued on July 8, when Khuong Sreng led a professional official to inspect the sewerage pump station 5 Steung Meanchey 3, Meanchey district, completed. According to the Ministry of Information.

Khuong Sreng says drainage can be very useful for people who can release floodwaters Well.

He said that the officials concerned had to identify the state's public land and the land belonging to the people. Because the canal is being encroached upon by some residents, the land is filled with ownership.

“And the next task of the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration will be to form a working group with the involvement of the Bureau of Land Management Phnom Penh Municipal Department of Public Works and Transport for spraying, clear location and guide people who violate the canal Get rid of it. ”

Ou Hoeung, the third chief of Stung Meanchey commune, told the Post today that the sewage 5 canal was 50 meters wide by a development project. Plans to make both sides of the canal. He said that because the Phnom Penh Municipality had just put in place the measures, so far, no changes have been made Just a few people agreed to print the documents, which the authorities cite, while others refuse.

The commune chief said that according to statistics in his neighborhood, there were 97 people in houses found to be in violation. On Drainage 5, 38 houses have been announced to move.

“Along the canal, there are two villages involved: one village and one bamboo and two officials have been given statistics. In fact, their existence is a long time coming – more than 10 years ago, just recently, a new rape Some of them, because they build on it, see the old people do, and nevertheless stop listening. ”

Om Hoeung expects the Phnom Penh Municipality to set up a fair settlement committee and take proper steps in this regard. The resentment of some citizens led to protests in the near future.

Long Sak, one of the residents of the land, told the Post today that the canal was big. People have also lived along the canal for years.

But, he said, the smaller canals were found because companies built into Borey breached the canal. And when it comes to trouble, it is down to the people whose homes have not been properly laid.

"Originally, as I said, so our people did not have much encroachment. Borey dumped dirt into the canal and made a clean road. If the canal is only 10 meters, it should not be demolished because the people have only land to build their houses and to move. "Where is he?"

According to a press release from the Ministry of Information, Drainage pumping station 5 is located at three angles, three intersections: Meanchey district, Por Sen Chey and Khan Dangkor. The canal plays an important role in the release of floodwaters from the three districts. The pumping station and canal is also a strategic location for pumping water from the eastern part of Chom Chao area of ​​Trapeang Thleung Village The landmark of the Sinjuri Plaza Market, Thmor Koul Road, 2004, and part from the Tuk Tla neighborhood south of Russian Boulevard It has a rainfall area of ​​up to 1,028 hectares.

The sewage pumping station 5 was built as a new building measuring 18.9 meters long by 10.9 meters wide, the Ministry of Information said. 4 Pipes. Among them, two 8tub pipes and two 1m tubes with a capacity of 5mុ One second will equal 28,800 cubic meters per hour. The canal leads to the Moor Canal, then to Choeung Ek, and to the river in Kandal province.