Local police patrol and hijack targetsSuspected drug dealer detains suspect on knee with head-on attack Facebook, but in this case, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner acknowledged that law enforcement officers' misuse of professional rights They will provide education, guidance and discipline to the officer in the manner of the National Police Force.

The Press and Quick Reaction Team of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police Office said that on the night of June 30, 2020, we saw a further sharing Social Networking About Drug Abuse in Kbal Koh Commune, Chbar Ampov Municipality, and Some Explorations People are confused about law enforcement.

It should be noted that on June 29, 2020 at 17:30 local police patrol and ambush their targets for drug trafficking. The suspect, Vong Long Reach, who was riding a black Suzuki Smash-V motorcycle on Phnom Penh 1GZ-817, stopped his motorcycle from taking the drug. The other one was unknown, and one suspect escaped to a nearby plot, while the suspect, Vong Long Reach, rode his motorcycle to escape. From competence.

The suspect, named Vong Long Reach, is a former drug trafficker in the upper area where police officers are investigating, along with his arrest. And several other factions. During the arrest, law enforcement officers found the suspect in a drug and alcohol intoxication case and intent to use an assault rifle. Law Enforcement Arrivals Arrested for Handcuff Suspects Including Evidence Sent to Chbar Ampov Police Inspection .

The Phnom Penh Municipal Police Commissioner confirmed that “we recognize that the operation of law enforcement officials exercised their right beyond the scope of our profession. Education, guidance and discipline in the form of the National Police Force. We thank the public for their cooperation and especially the social network for contributing to the protection of security, safety, social order and critical thinking. We urge the public and social media to avoid commenting on the content, exaggeration of the facts, causing chaos, pollution, social unrest, People will be able to face the law in force. ”
By: Kolab