Phnom Penh: Authorities in Phnom Penh have told people to pay the cost of garbage collection From the beginning of February onwards, it is a good state to participate in ensuring that Phnom Penh maintains a clean, comfortable, and environmentally friendly system through the payment system. E-commerce to make it easy for people to spend time and reduce expenses.

In order for people to have a clearer understanding of where the cost of the waste service is, where the people are going to pay it, on the morning of February 1, 2020 Phnom Penh Municipal Governor Huot Hay and Phnom Penh Deputy Governor Keat Chhay convened a press conference to show the public about the law. This way of paying fees.

Huot Hay said that people can pay the bill via ACLEDA Bank, Wing eMoney Lyhour Weilut Pi Pay True Money and Dara Pay. One transaction costs from 50 riel to 800 riel only.

He added that by simply taking the code I D in the electricity bill in October 2011, people are simply getting the code in the electricity bill in October 2019. Go to the cashier above, saying that the garbage brother-in-law will check your code and then through the code he checked. Will issue your payment details Be paid for by admission fees to collect dance from 1st February onwards.

Keat Chhe, deputy governor of Phnom Penh, said that people can pay a fixed fee for the month of January depending on the amount of the payment, but people can also. Payable yearly, with a lot of profit, is very expensive. The governor stressed that the people who have to pay the collection fee in January are unchanged, following the tariff schedule. October, 2019 ago.

He added that paying for the garbage service is not a voluntary payment because we, as a producer, must pay it cannot be avoided. During the interim period, he was paid from February 1 to 15, if this is the case. In the unlikely event that we have taken action, for example, the restaurant owner would not pay for the business, unless it was to do business. But during this transition period, we have not implemented the law, let him come and pay the patriotic sentiment to secure our city. Aesthetics are beautiful.

Please note that the implementation of the new payment system was made after the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration was granted the right to operate. Business to pick up garbage in Phnom Penh awaiting new bids by bidders