Phnom Penh Municipal Governor Khuong Sreng, in a ceremony to disseminate and launch the Department of Health under the management structure of the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration on June 12, 2020, orders the 14 health departments and authorities to eliminate All private dentists or dentists, dentists and pharmacies are unregulated.

“Some of the early dentists or dentists in the early 80s looked at the tooth transfer from father to son, but some of them had ideas he learned from father to son, he got sent to school. Dentist. His son later became a dentist and started a business, but some did not have the profession. Now Kov 19 takes dentists to the dentist more, so the health department can eliminate them. "All 14 counties have to look at this issue, not just a dentist's problem.

Khuong Sreng said that the health department must do this to ensure that Phnom Penh is clean and free of crime by managing the location of private clinics as well as managing illegal clinics.

In particular, the legal clerk must be better oriented.

The governor further advised the 14 governors to know what the law is in their jurisdiction, whether there is a law or not.

He also added, "In the case of the clinic, the clinic is responsible for the rules. I believe that the 14 counties are not paying attention to this. Help each other, not just this, of health. The Royal Government has now transferred the work to the national sub-national government before the dentist had a dentist, but there should be no dentists missing anything. A dentist will grow a diamond, even if it is infected, and does not meet the technical standards of the Ministry of Health. So anything inactive erased. ”

At the same time, Mr. Khreng Sreng praised the operators of the 19th century Kodawk era, with Phnom Penh responsible for treating patients to the region and abroad.