Phnom Penh: Phnom Penh Municipal Authority has announced the repair of the old Monivong Bridge from the morning of January 27, while National Road No. 5 is straight Around km 6 in Russey Keo district, traffic will be closed for 30 days to widen the road.

Chbar Ampov District Administration Announcement that the work of repairing the bridge, pedestrian bridge and paving on the old Monivong Bridge will be carried out once The side of the bridge that will be opened for construction from January 27.

Chbar Ampov district administration asked for understanding and tolerance from the people who crossed the bridge because during the repair may Traffic congestion leading to travel disruption.

Chbar Ampov district administration continued: “The size of the road, the old Monivong bridge, the total length is 11 meters. Fencing of the site to repair 3 meters of the body size of 11 meters. The remaining 8 meters wide, people can travel normally.

Sam Piseth, director of the Phnom Penh Department of Public Works and Transport, briefly told the Post that authorities would try to speed up the repair of the bridge as soon as possible. As much as possible. But he asked not to comment on how much the renovation project would cost, as this was a technical issue.

Separately, Russey Keo District Administration has informed travelers to divert travel from National Road No. 5 at km 6 to the road. Other to avoid traffic jams while the authorities are repairing and widening this stretch of road.

The statement stated: "We ask all citizens to be aware, understanding, tolerant and avoid traveling through this location by traveling between Street 598 or HE Chea Sophara Road temporarily to reduce congestion and accidents because the team has to use machinery and heavy vehicles For road construction.

Mr. Kong Sovann, Expert Advisor and Deputy Chairman of the Community Traffic Safety Program Team of the Second Phase of Rural Road Development Project of the Ministry of Rural Development, stated that It is imperative that the authorities notify citizens or commuters about the closure or repair of any bridge or road. .

He said that this is to allow people to be prepared in advance and to find time and alternative ways to avoid congestion that causes loss. Time and budget.

"It is better to tell passengers which route to avoid, so that people can cross which roads," he said. "Because of this congestion, cars and motorbikes are using gasoline, and congestion in one place is detrimental to the environment and is like burning money." In addition, Mr. Kong Sovann encouraged the authorities to regularly inspect the bridges or roads that have been built to ensure quality and avoid Possible accidents eventually.