Phnom Penh: The Phnom Penh Administration plans to plant nearly 2,000 luxury rosewoods along the 217th Street in Phnom Penh's Dangkor district soon to make Phnom Penh a greener city. And a better environment.

Phnom Penh Municipal Governor Koung Sreng, in a meeting with authorities and relevant officials at the Capital Hall on June 23, 2020, said that the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration will plant luxury rosewood along Street 217 in Khan From the beginning of the plantation, from coconut plantations to the roundabout, rice paddies should be bordered on the border of Kandal province. Along this road, there are about 1840 trees on a seven-kilometer (14 km) stretch.

At the meeting, the Governor also advised the district authorities, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Public Works and Transport and the contractor to plant the tree, to study the location of the plantation and public forum for demonstration. The purpose of the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration is that we will plant trees along this road and ask all residents living along Street 217 to cooperate and care for the trees planted in front of their homes.

Regarding the planting of the luxury trees, Mr. Sreng also advised the concerned officials to study carefully before planting these trees, taking into account the scale of the road expansion project as well. Thinking of getting the drainage system ready to avoid any problems, we cut down the trees, it would be sad.

Kim Nhim also said that for the project of growing luxury trees along Street 217, she fully supports that we can prevent road abuses by some people.