Phnom Penh: In the afternoon of May 5, 2020, professional competence of Crime Research BureauThe Royal Gendarmerie Police has sent three suspects to court in connection with a case of aggravated robbery.

Name: Lon Khon, male, 26 years old

2. Srey Kanika, 20 year old female Natalie

3-year-old Sen Lina, 22 years old

All three suspects carried out a purse of a neighbor while riding a Pass App at the Route 598 near the sales booth. Sunflower Village, Toul Sangke Commune, Russey Keo District, Phnom Penh, May 02, 2020 at 13:20. Not one day yet, Russey Keo military police searched until the three suspects arrested. Come on, convicted only once.

Under the skillful measures of the Armed Forces of the Phnom Penh Criminal Research Office, the three suspects confessed that they He and his fiancée (escapee) were actually carrying baggage from the people on the road. At the time of the shock activity, Mey (escape) and Srey Cut (detained) were one of the motorcyclists on the motorcycle. Phnom Penh, 1x-4758, white, orange, orange, license plate, Phnom Penh 1IE-4758; Blue Label Phnom Penh 1IA-0022 closes the butt behind, while the bags and accessories are in the bag The shock has left coupling (fugitive). The woman, named Lina Lina, was arrested by police during a motorbike chase with Lon Nhon student while riding a motorbike together. By: Kolab