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Kompong Cham: Interestingly, Wat Phnom Han Chey Pagoda is considered the presence of a potent monument along the Mekong River in Han Chey district. Port of Siem Reap. On the morning of the 13th of June 2020, the Queen Mother Norodom Monineath, King of Cambodia, visited 84 85 years old. Grandparents and local authorities have prayed for worldly magic to help nurture the grandmother of a hundred years old. The monk was to remain a cool shade for his people.

Interestingly, it was during the evening that a heavy rain poured over Kampong Cham and the rest of the district. It's a cold meeting. Sopheak, director of the Provincial Department of Cult and Religion, said that while the world is suffering and the spread of Kov-19, the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia, suggested that the meeting should reduce the number of participants. For example, in the development program, Samdech Techo was organized in Phnom Han Chey, with the number of participants reduced to prevent infection. .

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HE U Chan Chandda, Governor of the Governor's Board of Trustees, said that past Chief Minister of Banteng Cheng had assigned officials The monk is active, bringing a mandate to the Committee on Combating Diseases-19. With medical attention, 16 doctors were cured of the C-19. . On the occasion of the 84th Anniversary of the 85th Queen's Birthday, HE U Channda said that the Queen was in the presence of the Queen. Cambodian King Father Norodom Sihanouk crowned in dignity, dignity and happiness The Honorary President of the Cambodian Red Cross will preside over on June 18, 2020 Ahead.

On behalf of the Honorary Members, Members of the Committee, Sub-Branches, Executive Officers, Youth Officers, Cambodian Red Cross Volunteers, throughout Kampong Cham His Majesty Preah Vihear Sayadaw Hi Sereyvath Vibol Sok in all respects The Queen Mother Khmer Mother Honorary President of the Cambodian Red Cross The Most Holy Place Have a royal son, auspiciousness, a bright intellect, a strong body and a longer life The monastery to remain a cool shade to the children and grandchildren of their children and grandchildren forever.

After the goddess of the province, Bhutan Cheng and seven other monks recited the Buddha's triumphal procession Following the religious tradition, His Excellency UNun Chantha and Lok Chumteav and the provincial leaders invited seven Buddhist monks. Each of them received 1 plate of rice, 1 fruit, 1 basket and 50,000 Riels, while the head monk of 20 pagodas Ten thousand riels. 85 grandparents each receive 20,000 riels. For Chey Kiri pagoda, Phnom Han Chey Pagoda, HE Governor and Madam provided 250 kilograms of rice, 10 cans of fish, 120 cans of fish, and a bottle of orange juice. 10 cases of water, 10 cases of water and 1 million riels.

After that, the provincial leaders inspected the construction of a concrete bridge at the foot of Han Chey, HE Governor had asked the team to help build the bridge. Accelerate construction to allow people to travel in the near future before the river flows into the creek. Ou Vibol, director of the Provincial Department of Water Resources, said that the downpours were affecting 10 districts in the city. In Kampong Cham, some areas have more or less heavy rainfall. By: Jan Chanthet