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Kampong Speu: The highest mountain in Cambodia is 1813 meters high and located in Aral district of Kampong Speu province. The mountain is particularly attractive for nature tourism.

Earlier this week, provincial governor Vy Samnang asked provincial authorities for private investment as the mountain was full of beauty. Naturally, and recognizing the potential of the Aral mountain lies in the project of the provincial administration that will Developing into a tourist destination Natural dreams.

"Before investing, we need to have a detailed study of regional excellence and vulnerability," he said Implications for development to prevent land encroachment, forest cover, and related areas Becomes a big problem. "

"The development of the surrounding area and the Aral mountains for nature's recreation depends on the sector," he said The private sector, which in addition to enhancing the area's beauty, can boost people's incomes and the economy, and can also help create tourism products. Also new.

If you want to create a new tourism product that takes advantage of the Aral mountains, the government will only build infrastructure such as stairways for travel. The mountains in particular teach and educate local people on how to sell tourism services to improve the quality of services These are all things Necessary.