MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said that about 40,000 liters of oil were boiling on the waters off the central coast of Lapuz. The Philippines was in Iloilo after a freak blast from a cargo ship on Friday afternoon.

In a statement issued by the PCG, one of the four engines of the tanker, carrying about 48,000 liters of oil, exploded at about 3 pm and swept about 40,000 gallons of oil. L in the sea.

According to local disaster management officials, the estimate covers an area of ​​1,200 square meters affected by the oil spill. Officials also said the explosion was a fire and was declared less than 30 minutes.

The PCG said its experts, "emergency rescue assistants", had gone to the camp to clean up.

Translated by: Mao Bopha January