Phnom Penh: The administration notifies residents living in Phnom Penh who owe the garbage Hurry up, pay the garbage service fee for May 2020.

Phnom Penh Municipal Administration on June 8, 2020 to inform all citizens, business owners, services and private institutions that the service is known after the Capital Administration Phnom Penh has been pushing for better payments from people who collect trash and solid waste, but some have not yet paid.

Therefore, the Capital Administration has issued a notification dated 25th May 2020 on the charge of garbage collection and disposal in Phnom Penh in the transition period. Many of you have already begun to pay your trash and solid waste collection fees by May 2020 by the system. Electronic Payment (Mobile) or Payment Issues at ACLEDA Bank, ABA, WING, AMK, WB Finance, Prince Bark, usm ymumningnejhngon eMONEY, Lyhour Weiluy, PiPay, and DaraPay. However, a small number of people have not been able to meet the deadline for collecting garbage and solid waste.

Therefore, for citizens, business owners, services and private institutions who have not yet paid off the debt, the cost of garbage collection and solid waste management will be issued an invitation letter. Once again, paying off the debt will take the following measures: 1- Unfollowing your social networks or media Record debt and implement administrative measures by temporarily closing a business or service; 3) Perform other necessary measures. Please get this notice to all citizens and business owners in Phnom Penh.

By: Kolab