Phnom Penh: To prevent the spread of the HIV virus 19 until 23rd This March, the number of confirmed cases of polio has risen to 86, and the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration asks all those who have just returned from work In Thailand and many other countries, the 4-point guideline is followed by a 14-day stay.

Phnom Penh Municipal Administration on March 23, 2020 to inform all people who have just returned from working in Thailand and Other countries say that the HIV virus has been spreading across the world, and in Cambodia, the Ministry of Health has found people infected with the virus. Nineteen of the 86 cases were up to date March 23, and the virus is continuing to spread a series of punches.

Phnom Penh Administration has advised citizens to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and the Phnom Penh Administration has announced the phone numbers of leaders and district authorities. 14 in Phnom Penh to allow new arrivals from Thailand and other countries to report on their accommodation so authorities can get hold of the information Yes Easy to follow ៕ by: Kolab