China has threatened to impose sanctions on US manufacturer Lockheed Martin over its latest US arms deal with Taiwan.

The United States has also agreed to provide Taiwan with a $ 620 million refinement package for the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 air defense missile.

According to Sputnik, published on July 21, 2020, based on US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper's remarks, Washington will continue to sell arms to Taiwan despite opposition. China and the "aggravation" of the situation with what Beijing sees as a breakaway province.

However, Esper added that he hopes to visit the People's Republic of China later this year to boost bilateral cooperation.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced last week that Beijing would impose sanctions on Lockheed Martin after the United States agreed to sell $ 620 million worth of weapons to Taiwan to upgrade its anti-ballistic missile system. . Lockheed Martin is a key contractor in the operation.

Translated by: Nay Tola