There are five precepts in the third precept, the Samma Samputa forbids sexual intercourse with other people's wives and children, which is karma. Immediate results do not wait for the next nation.

At this point, if a man has an adulterous heart and secretly has a new girlfriend, he violates one marriage principle by another. There is no happiness for his wife, no happiness in the family, this is up to her as an acceptable wife Well or not.

If she is an acceptable wife, she can endure by forgiving so that her children can meet their parents and also build merit. Doing good deeds is a good habit, so continue to be a good wife.

But if the incident is serious enough to die of infection or death by harassment from her husband's mistress And then the husband and wife should find an opportunity to talk clearly and peacefully, take the non-violent dharma in mind and forgive them completely. And debate on the topic of whether to live together or to part ways?

But if living together is just to feed one's virtues to annihilation, to increase one's virtues, then Buddhism gives freedom In choosing a life according to the decision of the person concerned, how to make that life prosperous and free from danger Everything is possible. San Sarin