Preah Vihear Province: Preah Vihear Provincial Department of Environment on July 7-11, 2020 at Preah Roka Chep Wildlife Sanctuary, Elephant Park ranger Bot patrolled at O ​​Po Po point, high hill and O Andek point, O'Kak park ranger officers patrolled At Choam Mlou Thom and at the same time, the rangers of the 91st Mobile Headquarters together with the people and the community and the Prey Troop Nature Reserve Patrolled at O ​​Bek Chan point, O Svay point, O Khlot point, O Spong point and O Sralao point, captured 4 cars One original unit of weapons and weapons to be stored at O'Kak office. This is according to the Ministry of Environment page released on the night of July 12.

Ministry of Environment confirms that at Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary, Peuk Park officials in cooperation with Peuk Community Protected Area Committee Patrol to the point of O'Anlong well, meet the footprints of 2 deer.