Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health has issued guidelines on the prevention of the spread of the HIV virus For car owners and passengers by common means of transporting more than 10 passengers.

To prevent the spread of the HIV-1 virus more effectively and to prevent the spread of the HIV-positive 19 virus All in its day-to-day activities, in addition to the measures that we have all been implementing, the Ministry of Health recommends to car owners You travel the way Combined transport such as a minibus carrying more than 10 passengers, please open the windows of the air (without use) Air conditioning). Encourage passengers to wear masks or scarves to avoid the spread of other influenza viruses, including the Kov 19 . Regularly clean the car with soap and alcohol. The owner of the vehicle must have an alcoholic beverage or an alcohol dispenser for passengers to wash their hands when boarding. For those who have symptoms of the flu, stop driving temporarily and go to a public hospital for medical examination. .

The Ministry of Health would like to express its sincere thanks for taking the initiative to prevent the spread of the HIV virus 19 Calling all car owners and travelers, please follow the instructions above to take action to eliminate viruses KV 19 from person to person Individuals and to our communities. By: Kolab