Stung Treng: A Cambodian Muslim girl is playing in a pool of water While parents are busy working outside the home. That incident happened on the spot
Rithy Sen Chey village (Annex village), Ou Svay commune, Borei O Svay Senchey district, Stung Treng province at 11:20 pm on 27th. May 2020.

Heng Nan, commander of the municipal police of Borei O'Shany Chey, said in Rithy Sen Chey village.
There were cases of children drowning in ponds. The girl was identified as Yipani, an 8-year-old Cambodian-Muslim living in the village.

The girl's parents had just rented a knife-making business in Rithy Sen Chey 1 village. When parents are busy ironing their two children, they are walking by the pond behind the house. And the firstborn went down into the water, and her feet were submerged. Parents know their daughter is dead.

Posted by: Sok