Whole school improvement is at the heart of the learning and teaching process at Paragon International School Cambodia (Paragon ISC). One way of ensuring this is to commit the school to an external agency for on-going periodic evaluation in order to maintain high quality standards in teaching and learning as well as every other important aspect of managing an educational institution.

At Paragon ISC, we make every effort to maintain academic quality in a safe and supportive environment so that Paragon students discover their potential; Become a mature and responsible citizen of Cambodia and the world.

The Council of International Schools (CIS) represents an accredited, global community of institutions that are committed to providing high-quality international education. Paragon ISC, thus far, is one of only two international schools in Cambodia accredited by CIS.

Having received the award of CIS International Accreditation, Paragon ISC, joins a global community of schools that are dedicated to providing high-quality education in an international context. Over 400 world-wide schools now hold accredited status with the Council of International Schools.

To be recognized as a CIS accredited school, Paragon ISC instills its programs and offerings with an international and intercultural perspective so that our students can move forward with attitudes and understanding that will provide them with a solid foundation wherever their studies or work may take them.

The quality and rigor of CIS International Accreditation is recognized by ministries, education departments and universities around the world. Additionally, the CIS accreditation benefits students with college and university acceptance world-wide as over 500 of the top universities in the world are part of the CIS membership community. Accordingly, universities and colleges around the world fully recognize and accept students ’transcripts from CIS-Accredited schools.

As an accredited member of CIS, Paragon ISC is dedicated to its mission and vision for students to view multiple perspectives and embed values ​​such as open-mindedness, conscientiousness, maturity, confidence, respect, courtesy, and friendship, in order to be responsible globally. citizens.
We are very thrilled to be a CIS Accredited School.