One boy died and three others injured in a fire in a front yard collapsed by a palm tree A neighbor accidentally collapsed in connection with the fire.

The Facebook account, the name of the little tiger, posted the incident: “Die by a pillar of fire! Pity!

We do not know what kind of technique the electrician did, as a broken power pole collapsed, killing one child and injuring three others. Also damaged house in Prey Ba Srey village, Jai Kampot commune, Preah Sdach district, Prey Veng province ??? .

This happened on March 2, 2020, when neighbors fell on palm tree when it fell, and it fell on the wires. Let it fall and a pillar of fire collapsed in a nearby village, injuring one child and injuring another.

Who is ultimately responsible for the damage above ???? » .

Ironically, though, the pillar was found to have no iron at all, making the Great Explosives, criticism, and cursing were all at hand.

It is worth noting that in many cases, the pillar of the pillar of the fire has fallen. Rainy season, particularly strong wind, occurred last year. By: Hong Hong