Phnom Penh: Vladimir Goshin, a Vietnamese ambassador to Cambodia, based in Vietnam, said he is looking for opportunities to increase investment in the country so that the two countries' economies continue to grow.

In a working meeting with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Mr. Kladimir Goshin, considered the importance of Cambodia in terms of economic, political and economic aspects, especially in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

He suggested that the Pelaros-Cambodia country should further expand and strengthen cooperation between the two countries in various fields, especially the economy.

He said: "Palaros is a country with a heavy industry reputation, with a third of the heavy equipment industry, such as big cars, gasoline cars, dominating the global market. This is one of the reasons that prompted his visit to Cambodia to meet with relevant institutions to explore opportunities to increase investment in Cambodia.

He remembers that there are currently heavy machinery factories in Vietnam targeting the ASEAN region. He will seek further investment opportunities in ASEAN countries.

In response, Samdech Krasak expressed his gratitude to Prasarus who is seeking to invest in Cambodia and supported the search for investment opportunities. He regards Palaros as an old friend of Cambodia who needs to continue to strengthen relations.

In addition, he asked Pelaros to examine the possibility of enhancing cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and relevant institutions of the national police in the field of national police.

In response, Vladimir Goshin agreed with the prince's suggestion to establish cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Home Affairs, and through the establishment of the cooperation relationship, both sides can look at the field. Involved in establishing practical collaborations, such as work on transnational crime and crime Seng.

By Eng Bucheng