Takeo: Consumer Protection Branch Competitiveness and Fraud Suppression of KPR Takeo Province Takes Hot Measures

To the owners of 5 gas stations and depots located along National Road 2 in Bati District, built The case was sent to court through legal proceedings by selling dishonestly.

Speaking to reporters on the occasion of inspecting prices, quality and quantity at stations and a large number of petrol depot owners along National Road 2 In Bati District and Daun Keo City, on Monday, July 13, 2020, Mr. Por Leang Kong, Branch Manager of Consumer Protection, Competition and Suppression Fraud, abbreviated as KPR, says the use of harsh measures against station owners and petrol depot owners to court This is because they sold the wrong quantity and poor quality at eight gas stations and depots. Not enough liters sold, and this quality is sold as regular gasoline as super gasoline, so it does not comply with the law. On the quality control of goods and services.

Mr. Por Leang Kong added that for the owners of the stations and the owners of the five petrol depots, we have built a case to send to court. This is a one-time inspection, so just send it to the court for a fine, but if we check again later it will not be the same. In that case, we will ask Mr. Chiv Chandara, Prosecutor of Takeo Provincial Court to close the location immediately, not to allow business Further.

At the same time, Mr. PAK Leang Kong, President of the PAC, also appealed to the station owners as well as the depot owners. All of you, please run this gasoline business fairly and honestly, based on the principle of the law in force, especially to sell your gasoline properly. Quality and quantity, please do not cheat or eliminate the amount of gasoline anymore. By: Takeo