Phnom Penh: While Cambodia has political peace and stability in Kandal province's Khsach Kandal district, there has also been significant development over the last few years under the guidance of Deputy Prime Minister Aun Porn Monirom and The head of the Central Working Group assisted the Kandal province and Mr. Bun Pheng, the governor of Khsach Kandal district Some of these stakeholders, especially people living with all comforts.

In order for the Central Sand District to be renovated, the authorities set up infrastructure such as: 36 concrete bridges, 5 concrete bridges, three suspension bridges, DB9 72,919 meters of concrete, 42,448 meters of concrete, 47 red gravel roads. 422 meters, 73,690 meters of chalk trails and lights. These are the lifeblood of the Central Sandy District, as the slogan "There is a path to hope."

Khsach Kandal District is one of 11 Kandal-provincial districts that border the northern border with Srey Santhor, Kampong Cham, the eastern part to Pereng district, Prey Veng province, south to Lvea Em district and west to Muk Kampoul district. Khsach Kandal District has 18 communes, with 93 villages and an area of ​​35,254 hectares with a population of 144,185.

In general, Khsach Kandal district has a large number of national and international tourists visiting from year to year. Most tourists to the main attractions, especially those who come to worship at Wat Vihear Paradise.

To find out more, Khun Dara, Deputy Governor of Sand Kandal District, interviewed the Moulmein Media Center on January 28, 2020: “Year on year, the commune budget growth is high. Therefore, there are many achievements in the district, which can meet the needs of people living in the commune. ”

He added that the economic growth of the residents of Sand Kandal had improved, especially the district administration had continued to address the challenges of the people. He also said that the agricultural problems were good as the prices were high.

In addition, Deputy Governor Chan Dara said that the authorities have made every effort to ensure that the district is secure and in public order.

The deputy governor said that authorities have also continued to curb the inactivity of the situation, such as gambling, drugs, violence, especially to rescue victims of various natural phenomena with high responsibility from authorities at all levels.

By: Eng Boucheng