Prey Lang: Ministry of Environment spokesperson Involved by members of the Protected Areas community and relevant authorities, patrols to protect and conserve natural resources in the four geographical provinces Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary 511 times and cracked down on natural resources offenses including illegal logging, encroachment on forest land Hunting the wrong animals For more than 399 cases in the past 4 months, from January to April 2020. This is the statement of HE Neth Pheaktra, Secretary of State and Spokesman for the Ministry of Environment, on May 7, 2020. On the management and conservation report of the Ministry of Environment's Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary.

HE Neth Pheaktra said 32 cases of illegal logging and encroachment were made to the court and sent to court for processing. 42 education contracts were introduced, involving nearly 100 people.

Preventing and suppressing crime in Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary in over 430,000 hectares of land in Kampong Thom, Preah Vihear, Stung Treng And Kratie, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment Neth Pheaktra said that park officials and villagers in the area had confiscated many evidence. These include: 193 vehicles seized, two vehicles, 34 tractors, 25 motorcycles and 179 tons of looted and wood seized. 165 rods and lumber.

The Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment also revealed that during the four months of the prevention and suppression of crime in early 2020 He also dismantled 34 slaughterhouses in Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary and removed hunting rifles used for hunting. Two illegal animals And trap up to 724 traps.

HE Neth Pheaktra, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Environment, emphasized that this is an effort by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the communities of the protected area to protect and Preserve the natural resources of the Prey Lang area for generations to come.

Meanwhile, the secretary of state of the Ministry of Environment said that despite the night and day blocking and suppression by officials Nuns and members of the protected area community also commit small-scale natural resources offenses such as looting, encroachment, Ownership, hunting and the setting of white traps Forest remains continue to be found in Prey Lang areas, which require further prevention and suppression.

His Excellency Neth Pheaktra highlighted that there are various factors that contribute to these offenses, including the livelihoods of the communities that once depended. The forestry product and the attraction and incitement of the illegal traders along with the number of mining officers stationed in the area Still limited.

However, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment said that the competent forces of the Royal Government of Cambodia are highly committed to prevent and crack down There is a serious anti-natural resource crime in the law.

HE Secretary of State HE Neth Pheaktra also mentioned that the Royal Government of Cambodia, the Ministry of Environment and development partners are very attentive to the arrangements. And strengthening management mechanisms, providing facilities, equipment, as well as enhancing the livelihoods of local communities through new occupations, economic development. Technological base, boosting tourism revenue to ensure the effectiveness of management and conservation of forest protection. The Ministry of the Environment is currently working on a project to protect and protect the Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary with the Prey Lang Green Project funded by USAID. US $ for 5 years (2018-2023), at $ 21 million.

He added that the Prey Lang Green project aims to improve biodiversity conservation and ecosystem status and create sustainability and equity of the forest. Economic opportunities, livelihoods, communities and natural capital for reinvestment in the “Prey Lang” Wildlife Sanctuary and surrounding protected areas. Of New Zealand. The project is in collaboration with relevant ministries, ministries, institutions and sub-national administrations to strengthen the protection of natural resources and biodiversity with a focus on identifying and allocating Border demarcation zone management planning and state land registration at Prey Lang Forest Wildlife Sanctuary and protected area Some around Prey Lang areas train and strengthen the capacity of military officers as well as improve the lives of indigenous communities.

By: Kolab