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Kompong Speu: Due to the ongoing epidemic of Kov-19 virus, some rural villagers Turning to various superstitions, he makes a haystack made of straw, and fastens it on the roof of his house, in order to make him a fan. These chase out dangerous predators not to come and harass their families. In addition to the lantern, there is also a fire burning. This kind of belief is ancient, not present.

According to a grandfather named Aun, who lives in Trapa village, Teuk Laok commune, Kong Pisey district, the settlement has been around for a long time. And just before the Lunar New Year, people always bring old shirts and trousers and put straw. Tie with the cross as a human figure, with the task of letting the batsmen chase down the monster From his family is being harassed and persecuted for any family member to occur.

So far, there has been an outbreak of the disease known as Kov-19, he said. Fears came to the ears of the people, and they remember the statue, and set it on fire. At night it is almost too late in the night to keep away from the enemy, so as not to crush the cards. Harassment of their families, he said. Many villages in Pisey make fire and incinerate the house, a belief that can never be erased. No.

Residents of the countryside were too scared to tie up the coronavirus
Pursat-to-person outbreak spreads from person to person Day by Day Residents in Pursat Terror Villagers Tear Out Bugs Through the gates, every house in the village was healed HIV-19 viruses do not pass on to offspring. This is a reflection of their faith, which is based on their past beliefs. Whenever there is an epidemic in the village, they always hang around to scare off ghosts, demons, chasing cholera, and evil monsters. Others do not allow their families to be harassed.

In fact, while the world is just like Cambodia, we are plagued by the infectious disease of Kov-19, Some residents in the suburbs, Pursat town, and other districts tied the knot through the gate. Some of the villas are statues, some of them are cartoon characters and people Arms, knives, axes, etc., which led the team to disseminate measures to prevent and prevent the spread of Kov-19. He could not hold back his laughter but did not hold back their faith.

It would be highlighted that in the afternoon of March 25, 2020, the Pursat Provincial Administration continued to disseminate measures to prevent and control the spread of the disease. Kodiv-19 in Pursat, divided into three groups, Group 1 – Chamroeun Phal and Lolak Sangkat 2 – Prey and Svay Ath commune The land and the commune are loose. There are 11 vehicles equipped with 6 mobile devices, with the participation of provincial officials, information officials and officials. Department of Health and the Pagoda Youth Group. Each group provided their own hands-on tips on how to wash their hands and shampoo regularly and distributed flyers. Education for people living on the streets and in every village.